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Sometimes you just have to reenact the times that you were strolling through the most beautiful town of Hallstatt Austria.

I was so completely taken back by how beautiful this little remote town was. It’s one of those many gems you’ll find while traveling through Europe that makes you never want to go back home. Plus, they had the most delicious Snitchzel I’ve ever tried (I’ll be honest I’m not well versed in my Snitzel eating), but I’m a foodie enough to know it was one of the better ones.

Just got done riding our boat and relaxing at the DOCK

These cobble stones made up most the streets in Hallstat and the whole town made me feel as if I’m walking around in an old love movie. Which is so funny and ironic because maybe an hour after we took this picture Pres and I got into some stupid argument. Rather than CHOOSING to be the best versions of ourselves we both chose to let the frustration simmer. For the next hour we spent the time taking in the beauty, walking around wanting the other to come swoop in and and say “I’m sorry you’re amazing in every way and ! was 100% in the wrong”. Years later I now recognize that is not how things should nor do happen. Obviously we resolved our issues then but I will say, because I have personal experience in the matter, whether you are in a good or bad mood this place is nothing short of magical.

If you are traveling to Europe make sure to put this on your list of places to go. Click HERE to see posts that people have created on Guides to seeing Hallstat Austria!


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