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Where my love for dessert started

Dessert, where do i begin to talk about my passion and love for desserts. It started out at a young age when my mother asked me what kind of sandwich I wanted for school lunch. That was simple. NATURALLY, I responded ” I want a honey butter sandwich with no brown outsides please!” Being the amazing mom she is she obliged. I remember my best friend telling me how lucky I was and me genuinely wondering why every parent didn’t make this for their child everyday. As I’ve gotten older that desire to have sugar and delicious treats has grown. Most of the people close to me know the fun fact about not only how much i LOVE treats but how much i can eat of them. I think in the past 30 years i can count on one hand how many times i have gotten sugared out. IF you are someone who eats VERY clean and only natural sugars you probably wont be able to relate to this. Because it is a daily challenge. One i very willingly and happily give into when it term it absolutely worth it.

Man oh man i love them! When Pres & I first got married i would make some sort of treat every night. I’ve calmed down a bit since I’ve become more aware of how powerful food is for our body and minds. But it doesn’t stop me. I just now try and do it within reason. And now instead of eating an entire pan of brownies in the course of 4 hours (which if you are thinking I’m dramatic you can ask EVERY one of my friends and they will testify to me doing this pretty much every time we have a dessert)


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