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Funny thing about Preston, for the first 3 years of us being together he told me he didn’t like to Travel that it was just exhausting. So, what did I do? Think “ya you’re crazy, you probably haven’t done it, I mean everyone likes traveling right?” So of course I would do what I did best and research and read reviews of places I wanted to go. When I started randomly booking us places to go and us showing up to places like this he quickly changed his mind.

Hyatt Ziva Hotel

This is at the Hyatt Ziva hotel in Cancun Mexico. I decided on here bc I was wanting to soak up some sun, which is a much needed thing in January when you are living in snowy Utah (which we were at the time). Plus, I knew Preston wanted a relaxing atmosphere. We had an amazing time staying at this hotel. First and foremost, its a nice one stop shop if you’re really just looking for a low key relaxing trip, We enjoyed most of the food at the restaurants and they even had a candy shop that was really fun!

Candy Shop

It has an adult pool on one side and a kids pool on the other. So, if you are going without any kids you will find it very quiet and relaxing. The rooms are nice, nothing to special if you’re looking for a 5 star resort but it might have been the room we paid for. At night they have tons of free shows which are fun and entertaining to watch. Overall, we had a really good time here together and would highly recommend going!


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