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Wait I thought you were a fitness rat that seems contradicting?

It is true people who know me well know I kill myself at the gym and its because of how I eat at home. 85% of the time we eat a well balanced diet that other 15% is consisted of the most sugary desserts you can imagine, which i will be sharing with you, and I’m the worst at not eating way to many servings in one sitting. Maybe one day i will choose to cut out all sugar and gluten altogether due to the overwhelming and undeniable research about how detrimental it is for our health. But for now, I am working on a life of balance and self love and have accepted its a daily challenge for me to not buy every cinnamon roll i see, or try every fresh baked chocolate chip cookie i smell, or to walk out of Texas roadhouse eating anything less than 6 rolls. And THATS OKAY!

I’m striving for Progress not progression, If my normal habits are to finish off the pan of brownies in one night then, to work on getting to the point where i’m content to just having 1/2 of the pan. Then from there going to 1/4 of the pan, until eventually i’ll get to having just one, ONE BIG one might i add, brownie and being perfectly content. It might take me 10 years but in that 10 years i will be able to look back and tell myself dang you’ve done good!

Now don’t get me wrong I do the best that i know how in feeding and creating ways for my family to get whole foods, good carbs, greens, and their vitamins in because Pres and I both notice the biggest difference in how we feel, our energy levels, and mental clarity when we fuel our body appropriately. I hardly ever cut them out and there are some major things I’ve noticed in myself that cause me to eat more, such as stress, which i will talk about later on the blog, As for now I enjoy them whenever i term it be 100% worth it and I enjoy going to the gym no longer killing myself to the point of pure exhaustion, but to get a solid good workout.


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